Why Retain an Attorney for a Car Accident

Why Retain an Attorney for a Car Accident

Car accidents can be traumatizing situations. Even some of the most careful drivers may find themselves facing an accident at some point in their lives that is not their fault. It is important for anyone involved in an accident to know their rights, and to know that they are protected by the law. Some people […]

How Long Will My Accident Case Take To Settle?

personal injury and how long does it take to settle lawsuit

As a California Car Accident and Personal Injury law firm, we hear this question each and every day. And we answer it with the same thoughtful care, compassion, and personal attention we give to every client and every case. It All Depends… On You, Your Medical History and Previous Injuries Unlike a “cookie-cutter” firm, the […]

Why Do Car Accident Claims Take So Long?

car accident and personal injury claims

Getting injured in an accident can leave you traumatized and scarred. But did you know that you need to take quick action after you’ve been hurt in an auto accident? Car accidents claimants complain that their cases take too long not realizing how complicated the process can get. Most victims who are not represented by […]

2018 Scholarship Award


Each year, Drake Law Firm awards money in a Superhero Scholarship to high school seniors or students who are currently enrolled in college and who plan to continue their education through an undergraduate degree program or certification from an accredited college, university, or technical school. After reviewing all of this year’s applications, the Drake Law […]

What to Do After a Car Accident in California?

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Car accidents are the leading cause of injury in California and the United States. Statistics estimate that about 6 million car accidents occur each year in the US.   Also, one in three people in California suffer injuries or get killed in a car crash. An auto accident can lead to damages like lost wages, medical […]

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Driving in California

car accident marijuana

Everyone with a driver license in California knows that driving while drunk is illegal and the driver faces severe legal consequences. Driving under the influence leads to car accidents, property damage, and personal injury and in some cases fatalities. If you were involved in a car accident and the other driver was under the influence […]

Can Social Media Affect Your Personal Injury Claim?

personal injury social media

The use of social media has become increasingly popular, with many adults currently active on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and others. While social media offers users a platform for exchanging ideas, experiences, and pictures, alarms have recently been raised over security, privacy, and legal concerns. Given these concerns, people should exercise discretion when […]

Drake Law Firm Superhero Scholarship

The 2017 – 2018 Drake Law Firm Scholarship winner has been selected. We would like to both thank and encourage all participants to continue the journey to fulfill the work/life study. Drake Law Firm Scholarship Award Benjamin Drake would like to congratulate this year’s selected winner of the $1,500 award Richard Dulay! When I found […]

Practice professionalism daily

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As lawyers, our task in our careers is like second nature: be the best possible advocate for the client.  Many times, in the heat of the battle, you may receive a snarky e-mail or phone call from opposing counsel.  You may receive a threatening letter, that in your mind, crosses the line from business to […]

Personal Injury Attorneys for Car Accidents

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Thousands of car accidents are taking place in California, some ending with fatalities, others with permanent disabilities. Automobile crashes have risen throughout the years and many of these preventable incidents could be linked to the increase of distractions that the American population is now in possession of such as cell phones, tablets, and other technological […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

car accident faq from an attorney

After you have been through a car accident, you might have many questions that will need answers to. Suffering a car accident could be traumatizing, especially if you were injured during the incident. Below is a list of some questions that personal injury victims ask. If a question you may have is not answered below, […]

Truck Accidents in California

trucking accidents

Throughout the United States, and especially in a state where there is an abundance of people, like California, auto & truck accidents occur on a daily basis. In fact, every year, thousands of drivers are hurt and even killed by vehicle collisions. With respect to trucking accidents, it is not any different. An accident is an […]

Immigrant Injury Rights – Accident Attorney

immigrant and illegal residents car accident attorney

Can Immigrants in California File Personal Injury and Car Accident Claims? Everyone is aware that there are millions of undocumented individuals currently residing in the United States. While they each have their own reasons for being here, if you are an immigrant that endured an accident and suffered damages, you have rights! You can obtain […]

How Long should You See a Chiropractor After an Accident?

how long you need to see a chiropractor after car accident

If you’re thinking about going to see a chiropractor after car accident settlement, then you’re probably wondering about how a chiropractor can help you and how long you’ll need treatment.  Chiropractors can treat a number of different health problems that follow being in an accident.  It’s important that you get the facts about chiropractic care […]

Is there a Car Insurance Claim Time Limit?

time limit for accident claims

Accidents are the ultimate inconvenience in life, but there’s no use trying to avoid them—they are accidents, after all.  If you get into an auto accident, you can’t just put your life on ‘pause’.  Most of us can’t afford to just go and buy a new car while waiting for the insurance company to reach […]